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Financial Aid

Here at St. John's Lutheran School, we strongly believe that Christian education is not a commodity, it’s a ministry! It's a commitment and connection between your child's need, your family philosophy, and our philosophy.

That's why at St. John's Lutheran School, the first and most important consideration is what is academically and socially best for your child. Every other consideration is secondary. That being said, we know that money is an important consideration for any parent.

Therefore, as part of our Christian ministry, St. John's Lutheran School provides up to $60,000 in needs based scholarships to help provide a solid Christian education to every child in Wayne and Monroe County. We are always willing to work with families who share our vision and values. With the goal of providing opportunities of Christian education to every child regardless of background, income, or family situation. 

Your first step is to schedule an Educational Success Consultation today to visit with our principal, Adrienne Gurney, and discuss the financial aid opportunties available for your family at St. John's Waltz.

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