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General Overview

St. John's Lutheran School has been committed to the growth and success of each student. We have a holistic approach to your child's education stressing: personal growth, spiritual development, and academic excellence.

We recognize each student as an individual with individual gifts. Learning capacity is based in part upon growth and maturity but also upon communal differences. We strive for the development of leadership capabilities and a sense of personal and community responsibility. We help our students develop self-discipline, practice compassion, and appreciate diversity.

We believe that parents are the primary faith developers of their child and that St. John's is here to help facilitate faith conversations between parents and children. Our curriculum transcends any generational blocks that prevent these conversations from happening. We seek to strengthen every person's relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that education is a partnership between the child's parents and our school. We expect and value parental support in encouraging our students to develop to their fullest potential in order for them to become both independent and resourceful individuals.

Download our STAR Report which compares the results of testing our students with other schools throughout both the state of Michigan and the country.