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Grades 4-5

The 4th and 5th grade curriculum uses the foundations laid in the Early Elementary Program and builds on all the skills and knowledge your child has acquired. With the support of our parents, we lead each student in our Upper Elementary Program to be a highly capable learner, critical thinker, servant leader, and a Christian who has character. While this formation takes place, we continue to emphasize your child's identity as a son or daughter of God through the grace and mercy given us through Christ Jesus.

During these years, your child begins to develop abstract thinking skills. Therefore, we educate and encourage them to begin seeing the handiwork of God in the world around them. For example, they will be shown God's power in the complexity of the smallest things (cells and atoms) to the biggest things (solar systems and galaxies). This education takes place through visual, auditory, and physical education in an environment that commends innovation, humor, and the asking of questions.

While an average classroom size is 18-20 students for 1 educator, we use an "Individual Student Plan" to differentiate our lessons for each student. This plan allows us to challenge each student's strengths while supplementing and reviewing when needed. Our priority is to support every student where they are, provide them achievable goals, and continue building their knowledge for future education.





Besides the core subjects, your child will learn the concepts of: working together as a team; constructive interaction with peers; maintaining mental, spiritual, and physical health; problem solving; wildlife conservation; gardening; safety; and other extra-classroom skills. Students will also continue to grow appreciation of the fine arts and learn team sports in physical education.

Our core curriculum covers:


In addition to learning the chief doctrines of Scripture (the fall into sin, redemption through Christ Jesus alone, etc.), students begin to encounter the historical documents of the Church starting with Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism.


During these years at St. John's, your child will receive greater depth in their reading skills by exploring poems, myths, philology, and biographies. These different types of literature augment the continued study of fiction stories and novels.


Your child will learn to master the everyday mathematical skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They will also expand their knowledge into parts of a whole through decimals, fractions, financial stewardship, percents, and the spatial concepts of geometry including angels and three-dimensional figures.


We build on the foundations learned and proceed to continue hands-on learning in the natural sciences. You can expect your child to learn about the human body, the circulatory system, the respiratory system, basic terms and concepts of chemistry, meteorology, geology, and the fundamentals of electricity. Your child will also experience many fieldtrips to solidify their education. Field trips include Clear Lake Camp for a week-long outdoor education, ReCommunity Recycling Center, and the Imagination Station.


Spelling continues to be an integral part of your child's education. During these two years the vocabulary begins to incorporate patterns and language roots.


To supplement our Reading Curriculum, the grammar your child learns will continue to become more thorough. Students will learn how to diagram a sentance, grammatical terms, types of poetry, and write myths and biographies.


During these two years, your child will not only continue to perfect reading and writing in cursive but also continue to become efficient typers through computer education and access to our school tablets.

Social Studies

In fourth and fifth grade, our Social Studies curriculum broadens to include United States history. Your child will discover that their living in the Wayne/Monroe area began centuries ago in Europe when Marco Polo travelled to China. From there, they will explore the era of exploration and the colonization of the New World. The year concludes with the wars and revolutions that lead to the founding of the United States and what life was like in this country's first period.

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