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How Preschoolers Learn

According to the National Association of the Education for Young Children, preschoolers, ages 3-5, follow their own individual developmental patterns, which may vary greatly from child to child. Nevertheless, at this age children learn best when they:

  • Feel safe and secure in their environment. Children should feel that their teachers like having them around and that they are important to them and to the classmates. Children learn best when activities and materials offer just enough challenge—they are neither so easy that they are boring nor so difficult that they lead to frustration.

  • Can connect what they learn with past experiences and current interests. Learners of any age—and especially young children—understand and remember new things that relate to the experiences, knowledge, and skills they already have. A new thread of learning stays with the child when it is part of a fabric, not an isolated strand.

  • Have opportunities to explore and play. Preschoolers need materials and equipment that will spark their interest; they thrive when they are able to experiment, test things out for themselves, and draw their own conclusions.

Why Preschool?

St. John’s preschool programs build an essential foundation in the areas of spiritual/social/emotional development, language and literacy skills, motor control, creative expression through art, drama, and dance, and of course academic skills and knowledge. Emphasis at St. John's is given to content areas including the Bible, mathematics, science, social studies, alphabet recognition, and handwriting.

Schedule an Educational Success Consultation today to visit our principal and preschool teacher about the opportunities available for your preschool student at St. John's Lutheran School.