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Wild Cat Cafe

Good nutrition is a primary concern in our world today. Too often parents can't be certain about where the food their children consume comes from or what the myriad of unpronounceable ingredients actually are or the effects those ingredients might have on our health in the future. Here at St. John's Lutheran School, we want to put your mind at ease concerning this important issue.

We have a personal chef, Torri Douglas, who prepares our lunches Monday through Thursday. Our menus are eclectic enough for even the most finicky eater.  We have students who once were devout McD's nuggets nuts and junk food junkies now claim that The Wildcat Cafe is their favorite place to eat!

Our menus are seasonal, featuring the freshest produce available, such as garden fresh vegetables (sometimes as hidden ingredients so that your picky eaters don't even realize they have had their daily dose of nutrients).  We also bake fresh pretzels, cheesy garlic bites and pizza pinwheels daily to fill the snackers tummy. ***Not yet enough to convince you that our food is wholesome? Look at the ingredients listed on any loaf of bread in your pantry.  Count the ingredients, even if you know how to pronounce all of them you probably don't want to know what they actually are.  It's a frightening cocktail of "food like products" void of any real nutrition.  Our bread has 6 ingredients - Flour, yeast, sugar, water, salt and oil.  And we make it daily for your children.  We use the same approach to lunch as well.

Another worry many busy parents have is how to continue with a good nutrition program at home.  Sometimes, between  running to and from school, to practice, to the store, etc. the temptation exists to swing by a drive-thru. The Wildcat Cafe has thought of that as well.  We want to help you make wise choices at home too! We offer both after-school, pre-game snacks and carry out dinners for the whole family. Let the Wildcat Cafe  box up and send dinner home with your child.

Throughout the year students are also given hands on culinary education with the Cafe team.  The Wildcat Cafe seeks not only to educate our children about better nutrition but the parents as well.  Keep an eye out for our Culinary Class Schedule.  Learning to make your own burger buns, for instance, is a great way to spend a Saturday with friends.

Some of our current projects are:

~ Learning how to grow different herbs, their uses in food, their smells and tastes   We plan to use our own produce that has been planted, cared for and cultivated by the students themselves.

~ Basic baking skills - Watch for upcoming classes in Basic Bread Making, Fresh Pasta, Cake Decorating.  Don't see a class you might be interested?  Let the ladies in the Cafe know and they will try to put something together.

~ Preserving fruits for uses in pies and cakes -  

We believe these types of experiences help to form well-rounded adults who are health conscious and prepared to face their own family's needs in the future.

To see for yourself a sampling of our menus and photos of some of the lunches please follow us on Facebook.null 

The best way to learn more about us (so that we can help you!) is by scheduling an Educational Success Consultation today to visit with our principal, Adrienne Gurney, and discuss the opportunties available for your student at St. John's Waltz.

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