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Educational Success Consultation

At St. John's Waltz, we value ministering to your family and helping you raise your children to be Christians of character. Because we want your entire family to feel engaged on a spiritual, communal, and academic level, we are invite you to experience our campus through an Educational Success Consultation with our principal, Adrienne Gurney. Please call us at (734) 654-6366 today to schedule your child's free consultation.

The Educational Success Consultation at St. John's Waltz is the best way to actively engage and support you in making wise educational decisions for your children. This consultation is a free service we offer you to help affirm you as a parent and discern what you can do for the future of your child's spiritual formation, character development, and academic preparation. We offer this because we are deeply committed to the success of Christian education for Christian families. Whether you choose to enroll or not, we hope that you come away with a deeper understanding of your child’s unique abilities and needs, as well as St. John's commitment to families through faith-based education.

Please call 734.654.6366 to learn more about the consultation and the possibilities available for your child at St. John's Lutheran School. For your convenience, our school office is open from 8:00am - 4:00pm if you would like to stop on by!

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