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Kindgergarten Classroom

St. John’s Lutheran School believes that God created each of his children for a purpose with amazing possibilities. It's our privilege and responsiblity to partner with you to lead each child on the path of reaching his or her fullest potential to God's glory. With an average classroom ratio of 1 to 8, our educators Mrs. Davis and invest in every one of our students as if they were their own children.


The goals of St. John's Kindergarten Program are:

  • Spiritual - helping each child to come to know Jesus as his or her personal Savior and fostering a close commitment with God to last throughout life
  • Emotional - addressing and teaching how to deal with the various emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, and fear
  • Social - teaching life-long skills through character building activities
  • Cognitive - presenting hands-on material to children using different methods of instruction utilizing visual, auditory, and tactile activities to help meet each child's needs on an individual basis
  • Physical - helping your children continue to develop both small and large motor skills through various play and learning exercises

Our Kindergarten Program is holistic in nature. Your children will encounter the Word of God in Reading, Phonics, Listening Exercises, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education on a daily basis. This curriculum is done thematically by pulling in different areas of our standards in both individual and small group activites to promote cooperation and problem solving skills. In all things, we encourage our students to put forth his or her best effort in using their talents to God's glory, not only in Kindergarten, but throughout their life.

Schedule an Educational Success Consultation today to visit our principal and kindergarten teacher about the opportunities available for your kindergarten student at St. John's Lutheran School.