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From Parents and Grandparents:

The Faculty explains the St. John's Difference:

The Faculty shares their Teaching Methodology:

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"The best endorsement I could give for St. John's Waltz is that my daughter learned to read when she was in kindergarten." 

     - Heidi Kaminski

"Going to different events - either sports, academic, or extracurricular - at other schools showed me the St. John's difference. Our kids were more respectful and had better sportsmanship."

     - Michelle Cruz

"What I love about St. John's is that the older kids are given the opportunity to mentor the younger kids. This helps them learn patience, leadership skills, and provides them time to help teach - cementing the values they learned themselves."

     - Faith Lewen

"If I had to summarize the St. John's community and experience with one word, it would be 'awesome.' I feel like my family is truly welcomed and loved."

     - Heather Buda

"The biggest difference at St. John's is the teachers. You get the sense that these teachers truly care about your children and want to invest into them."

     - Lindsay Long

"My family and I have been members since 2003 and our son is an alumni of the school K-8th. If you're looking for a place for your family to grow in Christ this is it!"

     - Candi Golden

"You will not find a more supportive and loving environment like you will at St. John's."

     - Anthony Stone

"St. John's is a safe loving environment to raise my children. My children have learned the value of hard work and responsibility in a loving Christian environment."

     - Jennifer Pinter Grant

"St. John's is a loving and friendly place to have your children be taught God's word! I love this school."

     - Kellie Long